An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


According to Blip, today is my 8th Blipday!!!
Eight years worth of Blips!  It’s gone by in a flash! 
After all this time, it’s easy to take this place for granted and forget just what an amazing site blip is, and when my blip anniversary comes around my thoughts always turn to Blip’s founder, Joe.  

I am eternally grateful to him and hope whatever he is doing these days, he’s happy and fulfilled.  Of course it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway ;-) how grateful I am to the fab four who charged in when things went t*ts up with the site and saved the day and the site for us all (and continue to do so J)  Thank you so much!   :-)))
Knowing it was an anniversary blip coming up I wanted to make a special blip and had something specific planned, but at the last minute I had a little light bulb moment yes, sometimes my two brain cells do communicate with each other and my original idea went oot the windae (as we posh Scots say) and instead I give you this shot, which I have entitled Blip Meet as it is a metaphor for blip…
…well it is to me, but when I showed the shot to David and mentioned that it’s a metaphor for blip he looked at it for a few seconds, head tilted to the side, nodding in such an all knowing manner that I knew his internal monologue was saying “what the feck is she on about?!” so just incase that’s your reaction too, let me explain…
In a nutshell, my little glass penguins and polar bear represent blippers, and the snow represents Blipfoto.
Penguins and polar bears live on opposite sides of the world and are destined never to meet but although separated by thousands of miles, they share common ground (snow) and life experiences.
So, here we all are, living our lives in our little corners of the world, destined never to meet (for the most part) yet through the common ground that is Blip, we have “met” and get to share our lives; the trials and tribulations, the every-day dramas, the tragedies, and the laughter and love….so much laughter and love.  
If we’re really lucky we do get to meet some of our fellow blippers and I have been fortunate to not only have met a fair few (from near and very, very far) but to have made life long friends along the way. 
And when all is said and done, Blip shows us every single day that no matter our nationality, no matter our politics, religion or personal circumstances, there is more that joins us together than sets us apart, and for me, in today’s uncertain world, that’s what makes Blip a very special place to hang out.  So thank you my fellow blippers!  Hello at the back!  Are you still with me? Maybe I should have stuck with my original idea! ;-)))
You are the best!!!
And to round off the metaphor, by lovely coincidence, the beautiful glass Hokitika penguins were given to me by two Blip pals, one from near and one from afar (Peter from Edinburgh and Gitama from Australia) which they bought when they visited New Zealand together last year, having originally met on Blip (a polar bear and penguin brought together through the wonder of blip – see David, the metaphor and the blip shot works!)
I see Peter regularly and he brought Gitama to visit me in 2017.  I am hoping the rumour is true and she will be visiting Scotland again next year.
*The anniversary of my first ever blip is 3rd April, but due to blip counting archive blips (those uploaded retrospectively to dates before my joining blip date) I have amassed a total of 2920 blips.  Clear as mud eh, but who am I to let semantics get in the way of a Blip celebration? 
Bring it on!

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