By ciorstain

Gig tonight!

My workday was dominated by calls. I squeezed in a Portuguese Lesson too. Getting slowly into that again.
Was out for a very short stroll and a coffee at Sara's.
After Neil came home we grabbed a taxi into town to see Krow at the Ivory Blacks in Glasgow.
It was a great night catching up with Finn and the girls and watching Julie's awesome performance.
There were four bands playing and I had my proper camera gear with me and no trouble getting in the door. Which saved me pulling the "I belong to the band" card.
Krow was second and Kuro was after them.
I felt set back to the 80-ies and enjoyed watching the very much styled 2 man show. The bassist just reminded me of a young Robert Smith. He looked awesomely cool on stage. 
The singer however, reminded me more of a Bangkok Lady Boy .....! I did not tell him.
I also chatted to a fellow photographer who often does small gigs in Glasgow and I was thinking it would be nice to go to Ivory Blacks events more often and practise me concert photography.
Back home I looked through my photos and was very happy with the results! I shot different to usual and that payed very well off! Much better many more sharp pictures! I was happy.

Blipping (a day late as I did not do all the editing in the night) Kuro as the main and a bit of Krow in the extras.

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