Might make a decent shot on a sunny day!

Today has been a challenge!

I'd been getting messages, allegedly from my credit card company, and I'd ignored them, assuming them to be a scam. After a few though I Googled the phone number and it turned out to be genuine.

I still wasn't sure though, so I called them on the number on my statement and it turns out I forgot to pay my last bill! I paid the money into the bank (More than enough in fact!) but then didn't pay it out for the bill! I even had to make Brian come home from work to confirm that the money I had paid in hadn't gone out of the account!

That took ages to sort and I was really stressed! Apart from getting post ready to send I'd done nothing. So hurriedly I ate something, washed up, went to the Post Office, into the park to get a Blip and then to work a bit early to ward off a disaster like last Wednesday. Most things were done though - just a few things to catch up, including a bit of microwaving.

Whilst doing the microwaving, I removed clingfilm from something wrongly and a cloud of steam came out and scalded my hand! It really hurt! I struggled for about half an hour, putting my hand in cold water between customers, and trying to do things left-handed (What a mess that made!) And it felt like I'd newly done it every time I had to put my hand near a heat-source, of which the shop has many! In the end I had to go home! Catelyn is covering for me. 

I think Lee was secretly glad! She will do much better than me doing half a job in twice the time and complaining all night! 

I got Bri to take me to Tesco for burn spray. The only one they had cost £7 and has to be discarded 24 hours after opening! A rip-off, but I didn't have much choice!

I'm glad to be home but could have done without losing a nights' wages!

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