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By walkingMarj

Our "new" kitchen

Downstairs we have a utility room which I had fitted out as a small kitchen when we moved in. It has never been used as one, but Mum makes cups of tea in here and we do the laundry.

We came 20 years ago and I brought the Belling cooker in the corner. It is my favourite cooker of all time and I could not bear to part with it. Upstairs, the kitchen included an Aga look-alike electric oven which we have used all these years.

I realise that if I designed a kitchen I would not have the cooker in the corner like this......

The good news is that it still works. The halogen rings have sprung into action as have the two ovens. We are so lucky to have this space to move into.

I saw the orthopaedic surgeon this morning. The joint replacement is fine but I have inflammation on one side of the knee and I have to (try to) rest it for about a month. Terrible news. He also recommended emu oil to rub in. I would probably rub in cow dung if it would work. (OK, I'm beginning to go over the top.)

Julie came at lunchtime and helped me to cover the bookcases in the hall with sheets. She also packed a few more embroideries - the ones without glass to protect them. I know from experience that plaster dust is appalling to get rid of.

Mum had an appointment with an appliance officer this afternoon. A new rigid collar has been ordered and we return in two weeks.

One of my molars cracked this evening. What else can happen??

The work here starts on Monday.

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