An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Calm before the Storm...


A day of household bits and bobs before getting ready to go out for dinner to Miller and Carter.  

We chose to go to the Newton Mearns (Glasgow) steakhouse, which is a bit of a hike from us but we thought parking would be easier than in Glasgow city centre.

Trust us to choose to go out on the night Storm Gareth hit!  I was almost blown off my feet just getting from the front door to the car!  The journey A9/M9/M80 was a bit hairy.  Crosswinds, torrential rain and tyre spray does not make for a relaxing journey.

We had allowed an hour and a half to get there but 25 minutes into the journey it was clear it was going to take much longer.  We thought about turning back but when I phoned the restaurant to explain they said it wasn't a problem.  We finally got there just before 8.15pm (table was booked for 7.30pm)  

Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we arrived, which was just as well as it wasn't possible to drive to the entrance of the restaurant for David to drop me off (my walking pace is so slow that in inclement weather David drops me off as close to entrances as possible otherwise I get drenched!) 

Once again, we were almost blown off our feet and by the time we got inside I was more than ready for a G&T!  

We passed a very pleasant few hours, enjoying a lovely steak dinner, all the better as my nephew Andrew and his partner Nikki had given us a Miller & Carter voucher for Christmas 2017, so the meal cost half of what it would have.

All too soon it was time to head home and as we got to the door of the restaurant we were dismayed to see the weather bomb that was Storm Gareth was in full flow.  Howling wind and driving, icy rain and the car was parked at the end of the restaurant and round the corner.   

My jacket didn't have a hood and David had left his wooly hat in the car so we stood for a minute hoping the rain would cease, but no such luck.  We had no choice but to face whatever Storm Gareth could throw at us!

Door open and out we stepped.  Immediately the wind caught my breath and the torrential rain had my hair plastered to my face in seconds.  Normally I would say to David to run on as no point in us both getting soaked (the sweetheart never does but I feel better for saying it) but he had no option but to stay with me as I honestly thought I'd be blown over.  The path was also a bit slippery so I wanted to be able to hang onto him if necessary.

OMG!  Between my slow pace and the wind being against us, we progressed at a snail's pace, actually having to stop more than once to brace ourselves against the wind.  I have never been so soaked by rain in my life. 

When we turned at the corner of the restaurant, the rain and wind increased!  We were actually laughing hysterically at this point as the whole situation was so ridiculous!  Finally we got into the car, peeled off our jackets and scarfs, heating on full!  Thank heavens for heated seats!  

David took one look at the state of me and said for once not having hair was to his advantage!  (There's a shot of me in extras taken just after we got into the car!  It only gives a subtle hint of how soaked we were!)  

I should mention that the reason cars aren't able to drive up to the entrance of the restaurant is because the area in front is dedicated to picnic tables.  Oh the irony!   

Thankfully the journey home was much better as Storm Gareth had run out of steam.  

I'm still laughing every time I visualise us fighting our way to the car!  A memorable night!

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