By Tryfan46

Two souls surrounded by technology

My first visit to The Photography Show at the NEC. I was struck about how similar it was to the BETT Technology Show that I’ve attended regularly over the past 30 years or so. Much focus on technology little focus on the art of photography.

Yes, there were stunning images on display around but little to help you to become a better photographer. You can, as I’ve proved, take naff images with good kit.

Attaching large video display screens to standard DSLR or Bridge cameras seems to be popular. And I did see a nifty little gyroscopic camera which was impressive

I was interested in iPhone accessories, both lenses and software. Found lenses but was not convinced as to their quality or functionality. Did find some useful leads for yearbooks which I may follow up. Time to resurrect the Blip Yearbook I think?

The most helpful visit was to a stand specialising in various papers as I was interested in how best to publish Susan’s paintings as greetings cards. Turned out it was the hobby of the chap I was talking to. And a company he used was based just down the road from where we live.

Right at the end of the show we bumped into Clickychick and Jerra. We’d planned to try and meet up but she found me by looking out for tall people. A good old chinwag while we rested our feet.

Took my Panasonic to their service desk for a free check over. Nothing wrong and it has the current firmware too.

On the train, hoping for a trouble free journey home. Mind you the toilets are a bit pongy!

Today’s blip is not of MonoMonday although I did have a shot in hand. I didn’t know which to post. You can decide.

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