The Lily Pond Is Open for Reflections Again!

You know that I am a lover of winter. I love a good snowstorm. I have a soft spot for the special glories of cold weather, such as hoar frost. But there comes a time when winter must move on out, and now is that time.

The snow is gone from most places now and the fields are bare. And here is even better news: the ice has melted and the Arboretum's lily pond is open for reflections again. Hooray! (The bamboo that usually would appear in this photo between us and that poplar row has also been recently trimmed, which gives the whole area a much more open and sunny feel.)

In other developments, I stopped by the horse barns again, and all THREE of this year's fillies were out and about. One was in the front fenced-in area with her mom, and two others were with their moms in the side area.

In the extras, there is a photo of the horses in the side area. The mom and the little gal on the left, you've already met twice (see here and here). And when I spoke softly to the pretty little one (I think of her as Little Miss Almost Valentine), she walked right up to the fence to greet me.

The two horses to the right, however, you have not met yet. The little one is (I think) a solid bay filly, out of Skys Blue Whisper, by One Hot Krymsun. What dark beauties they are. Let's hear it for the girls!

I've got two pictures, and I've got two songs. This one is for the shot above: Diana Ross and the Supremes, with Reflections. The second is for the little girl horse party I encountered: Cyndi Lauper, with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

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