An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Springing to Life...

So great to see the garden starting to get some life about it after the long winter months.  

Hmmmm....saying that, it hasn't actually felt like a long winter at all.  October seems like a couple of months ago!  I can't honestly believe the clocks go forward this weekend and Monday will be 1st April.

I am pleased to report that I am feeling much better.  Only coughing when I lie down in bed at night now and even then, just once or twice.  I will continue using the inhalers till the end of the week when hopefully I'll no longer need them.

Last week's lunchtime get together with Fiona and Janice was postponed to today as Fiona wasn't well.  Today it was postponed again as Janice's daughter Rachel isn't well.  We checked our diaries and the first date the three of us can now get together is 26th April!  Turns out we're busy people for ladies who lunch!  :-))

To cheer up my greetin' face make up for my disappointment, D suggested we go to the golf club for lunch instead.  How lovely of him I thought, till we were sat looking out onto the course and I proceeded to get a blow by blow account of his round yesterday, including his birdie.  It was absolutely fascinating to hear about it all said no golf widow ever!  

Alan had a dental appointment this morning.  Not easy for the dentist to see in his mouth as he refuses to open it!  He does smile very charmingly at her though!  His cerebral palsy means he still has a very strong bite reflex so you certainly don't want to get your finger caught in his mouth!  The dentist, however, is clever enough and brave enough and mad enough to have a go, so with her prodding in his mouth and David moving the spotlight about to let her see in, she declared she was more than happy with everything and no work needed.  Phew!

We have worked so hard over the years to make sure his mouth and teeth are healthy and he's always been happy to have his teeth brushed, but I was concerned recently to learn that he won't let some members of his support team brush his teeth!  There's no particular reason for that.  He's always made contrary decisions where he makes up his own rules where someone is allowed to do something but not another.  For example he always wants Ally to put gel in his hair but not Christine, and he will eat chocolate with Lisa but no one else.

I'm saying they're contrary decisions but I am sure he has his reasons.  It's also his way of being in control I suppose.  Anyway, that said, the dentist was happy with what she saw so that's him for another six months.

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