Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Tiny Tuesday - SPECIAL

The Tiny Tuesday theme word for today is SPECIAL as its the 200th Tiny Tuesday.  For my special entry I chose to blip a necklace and earring set which I wore when I attended my daughter Becky's wedding to Mike on 25th September 2008.  The wedding ceremony took place on the balcony of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas overlooking the famous fountains.  I have added an Extra of me ( wearing the necklace and earrings ) and Becky. It was a wonderful day from start to finish. Thanks to dbifulco for hosting.

When Neil was here on Friday he mentioned that when he got home he was going to watch his favourite show on Netflix.  I said that I wished I had Netflix as I had heard of a series written, directed and starring Ricky Gervais called Afterlife which was supposed to be good.  Turns out that Afterlife was the very show Neil was going to watch.  So he said why didn't I come to his house sometime and I could watch the whole series of 6 episodes back to back.  So thats what I did today.

I got the bus to Dunston and Neil met me at the bus stop.  We popped into Aldi for a bit of shopping and the walked to Neil's flat.  We took the scenic route down by the river.  When we got to Neil's he sorted out some salmon and vegetables and put them in the oven to bake.  Then we both settled down to watch the show. Half way through we had a break to eat our food and then continued with the last 3 episodes.  The series was even better than I imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I came home via the Metrocentre as I had to go there to pick up an online order at the Cath Kidston shop. ( yes - it was a handbag ).  I also did shopping in Primark, Wilkinsons and Poundland ).

So far today - fingers crossed - I have had no pain.  So no need to take codeine either.  So its all good.

Weather today was dull, cold and windy.  But at least it was dry.

Steps today - 9,081

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