A time for everything

By turnx3

Clifty Falls

Sunshine and blue skies in the forecast today, so we drove across to Clifty Falls State Park in Indiana, to have a day’s hiking. The last section of our route took us along the river road and the strip of narrow field between the road and the river was littered with branches and even sizable logs, deposited by the mighty Ohio River when it was nearing flood stage a few weeks back. We had taken some sandwiches with us, which we enjoyed sitting in the car with the sunroof open, once we got to the park. We hiked for about 6 1/2 miles, including one stiff climb and several lesser ones, and taking us past several waterfalls. Whilst walking in the forest at this time of year is pretty colourless, other than the beautiful blue sky overhead, it has its advantages. When we have been before, it has been late summer or autumn, and by that time of year, the waterfalls are down to a mere trickle, whereas this time of year they are flowing more freely, though they would be even better if you could time a visit after some heavy rains! Additionally, you see so much more of the geology - the cliffs and recesses - when the leaves aren’t on the trees, not to mention hiking in the summer can be rather hot and sweaty!! There were some fresh green leaves of Spring poking their way through the dead leaves on the forest floor - in some areas forming quite a carpet, but I didn’t recognize them just from their leaves. Unfortunately, as the afternoon wore on, I became more and more bothered by allergies or sinus - my nose was streaming, and I would have to keep stopping to blow my nose about every 5 or 10 minutes - most annoying! But all in all, a good day out, and some good cardio exercise!

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