By Teasel

Castle Rock

BB’s rugby was not on for some reason, so there was nothing pressing to get up for.  As it was I slept later than usual and when I made it downstairs TT had gone for a run.  I pottered, contemplating a wee run of my own.  It was grey-ish, but not windy.  I eventually got myself sorted and out the door, and guess what it started to rain.  Five miles later I got home, soaked and frozen.  The boys had already headed off to Edinburgh, as they were going to Murrayfield to see Edinburgh play Munster – which they both really enjoyed.

I took some time to warm up and recover from the cold.  Later I headed into Edinburgh and it was like a different day – bright blue sky, sunshine and quite warm.  I enjoyed wandering like a tourist, before meeting up with the boys at the National Gallery.  I had planned to take BB to see a couple of El Greco’s, as he had some art homework and had chosen El Greco.  I enjoyed my look around the gallery, as I haven’t been in it for quite some time.  We were thrown out at closing time and headed off in search of food.  We ate Italian – and BB was spoiled rotten by the Italian waitresses!  The food was delicious and it was all washed down with a bottle of very quaffable prosecco.  We then got the slow bus home, before collapsing on the sofa.

It was a good idea to build Edinburgh Castle on a rock.


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