A time for everything

By turnx3

American Sycamore tree

Another frosty start to the day, but warmed up under blue sunny skies. I was doing some jobs in the morning, then Roger was out for his company retirees lunch with a speaker, but later in the afternoon, we went walking at Glenwood Gardens. I was going to post a collage of some of the signs of Spring, but finally decided on this collage of the American Sycamore tree and it’s fruit. I’ve included the other as an extra.
The sycamore tree (​Platanus occidentalis) is identifiable by broad, maplelike leaves and a trunk and limb complexion of mixed green, tan and grey, ressembling a military or hunters camouflage design. Another distinguishing feature in the winter months are the fruit, hanging down among the bare branches, looking a bit like Christmas ornaments! Brown heads, usually solitary, about 1inch in diameter, hang on slender stems three to six inches long, and persist through most of the winter. They are composed of tiny feathery seen nutlets.
The American sycamore, also known as a Plane tree or Buttonball tree is North America's largest native broadleaf tree.
The record American Sycamore is apparently located in Jeromesville, Ohio, and has a limb spread that spans 105 feet and the trunk measures 49 feet in circumference.

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