Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The Path Disappears

I hadn't any burning desire to be out early.  A quick look out of the window at 6 'o' clock suggested uniform cloud above and it was only by chance that I noticed an hour later that fog had formed looking towards local fields.

As I drove out it was really thick - an ideal opportunity to visit my project oak on Cannock Chase, where separation from the surrounding pines was difficult to achieve in normal lighting conditions.  In the end I’ve added one shot as an extra.  Even as I walked towards the tree I could sense the fog turning to mist and lifting.

Still it was a lovely morning to be out.  I really do consider these conditions beautiful.  They allow me to isolate subjects from the background, which for a wooded area is really useful.  The area in the main picture has been thinned out by the Forestry Commission recently, though I imagine this scene would have been very similar, given how thick the fog was at this stage.  The new grass growth has provided some much needed colour to what would often be a very subdued scene.

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