Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I first noticed this squirrel six weeks or so ago.  He/she is distinctive because of a missing right eye - hence the name "Lefty".  Kind of like me in that he only sees from his left eye.  I've been keeping an eye (my left) on him and the wound does not appear to be infected; but he's definitely not going to be seeing anything from that eye again.  Makes me wonder what happened although I suspect it was something as simple as jabbing his eye with a stick or something, especially since he shows no other signs of physical injuries.  

So, while I was sitting outside in a patch of sun, waiting for something (anything) to happen that might be photo-worthy, along came Lefty.  I'd moved the feeder so it took him about...oh, a minute to find it.  Seen here, he's getting ready to jump from his branch to the feeder.  He's asked that I refrain from photographing him from the right as he's afraid it might gross some of you out.  I'm good with that.  Although, I will put a frontal head shot in Extra - nothing horrid, I promise.

Another quiet day on the Lane.  Hubs and I did the gym (day 4 this week).  I wrote the check to the IRS for our taxes, muttering the entire time.  Two years ago, we would not have owed this money.  So, thanks for nothing, sir.  (Okay, I'm done.)

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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