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2,000 years old?

He may be nearly 2,000 years old. He is a sandstone carving on view in the village of Acomb. There is a bit of a back story as to how he stoode for years beside Acomb House, having been washed into the Tyne in the dim and distant past. When the owners moved abroad, they gave the stone to a neighbour for safekeeping and he stored our man in his barn. In 2011 the Parish Council tidied up the village green and "Acomb Man" was concreted into his  current position.

The authorities say he may be Hercules. I think he looks a bit cartoonish myself!

I was on the Hexham Walk for Health this morning. We did a circular walk from St John Lee and covered about 3 miles. These walks now have to be done in 90 minutes - it's an insurance issue - so there is no time to stop and catch your breath really. 

Arth did well and responded to an ice pack when I came home.

The men came and put the rest of the wayrock floor down. I saw that it was being patched around the sink. I think that unit should have been removed but it's too late now. I'm learning about insurance work as I go along.......

Tonight we had a meeting with over 30 volunteers to talk about the Walking Festival. The sandwiches from Costco were excellent. We will use them again I'm sure.

Daisy was missing when I came home and we assumed she was outside, scared by the noise earlier. She was, in fact, in the lounge. I had closed the door to keep the dust out and she was trapped. She had lifted the carpet very efficiently, but I eventually broke in and released her. Oh, the joys of having a cat!

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