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By walkingMarj

Carousel horses

Today was a workshop at the Hearth in Horsley. Julie and I were there, along with a group of very pleasant women, all intent on making an applique panel of a horse. I wanted to do a carousel horse and did not waver when I saw the other options. Angela, in my image, made one too. I liked her choice of the white quilt for the background.

These textile courses are run by the estimable Mandy Pattullo. If you look at her website you will see that all her courses are fully booked. She is an excellent teacher, the venue is good, the lunches are good and the company is good. What is there not to like? We worked very hard and I'm shattered.

I'm now looking forward to Line of Duty and hoping I stay awake to the end of the second episode. A friend recommended BBC's Sounds to me. I found a podcast about Line of Duty, but it was full of the interviewer and the expert laughing at their own jokes. The expert said "like" in every sentence. I think they may be trying to attract a younger audience. (Feeling grumpy.)

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