By Freyjad

TT - Memory

This ring brings back memories of times when  we were on holiday that Jack and I used to walk from morning till night, never feeling the need to take a break.  One such time we were in Venice and we were out in the middle of the day and found ourselves in a piazza that was absolutely deserted. We'd walked more or less all round the perimeter of the piazza and in a corner where a narrow street led out of the square there was what was the equivalent (in size) of a large cupboard.  In this space was a tressle board, a jewellers soldering iron and lathe  -  and the young jeweller.  

He welcomed us in - and a good job there were no more of us and proceeded to show us what he had which was this ring and one or two other bits which would probably become rings.  I tried the ring and it was far too big but like all good salesmen he said it looked beautiful on my hand and that it was the perfect fit. Anyway to cut a long story short, we brought it home, I don't wear it much now but it always brings back the memory of that perfect day.

Thank you for the response to my MM blip, I'm pleased you like it, and thank you dfb24 for hosting during April

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