Mr. HCB went off quite early again today, having had a wonderful day at cricket yesterday but I don’t somehow think it will be quite as warm down there today, but at 5.30 p.m. I still haven’t heard that they have left to come home, so hopefully it will have been another good day for him and his cricket buddy, Keith.

I decided to walk along Queens Drive, a busy dual carriageway, which runs from the town centre to the eastern side of Swindon, where we live and to record some of the material I used for my Street Challenge, ready to broadcast on the radio, when I have finished doing all the recordings.  

As I was quite near to another area for which I had done one of my Street challenges, I decided to record the material for Upham Road, which is quite a long road, leading to another part of the town.  Whilst walking along this particular road, having done the recording, I saw a man and lady I recognised.  Mike used to be a Scout Leader when Mr. HCB was a Cub Leader, back in the 1970s and 80s, so we knew them well.  I asked if he would be kind enough to “say a few words into the microphone” and he was quite willing to oblige, so they invited me into their home.  I was very fortunate to see them, and the timing was perfect, as they had just arrived back from taking their dog, Cassie, to the vets for acupuncture treatment.  

At the end of the interview, which went very well, Mike told me that he still remembered the bread pudding that I used to make, and which they took to Cub Camp with them almost 40 years ago - what a memory.  It was always a standing joke and Mike used to tease me when I gave them a tin full of soggy bread pudding to take away with them, that if the bus ever got stuck in the mud, they would be able to use my soggy pudding to "chock up" the wheels!  Perhaps I should make some and take it round to say "Thank you" for being so willing to be interviewed. 

I don’t know much anything about dogs, so had to ask what it was, and even if it was a boy or a girl (!) and was told it was a Springer - she was very lively, running around with a small doggy cushion in her mouth, and then running up and down the stairs - wish I had half her energy.  Mike tried to keep her quiet so that I could take a photograph, which I said I might use as my Blip - so here is Cassie - named after Mike’s Mum, who apparently, was also strong and sassy!

I then went into town and did a couple more recordings before I was due to meet a friend for lunch;  I had some strange looks from people doing their shopping - I guess an older more mature lady wearing headphones with a microphone in her hand is quite unusual - but I’m getting used to it now.

I then met my friend, mindful_life, for a mini Blipmeet and a lovely lunch and she kindly treated me - it was great to see her again, as we haven’t managed to get together for sometime.  We both took a “selfie” and I have put mine in as an extra, but if you look at her Blip for today, you may even see a very similar photograph of the two of us.  

Another great day and my Project/Plan is coming together nicely - I am going to try and do some editing this evening and then perhaps do a couple more recordings tomorrow as Mr. HCB will probably be off to cricket again.  I can never understand how people say they are bored - there are never enough hours in the day for me!  Have a great weekend, everyone.

A dream written
down with a 
becomes a goal. A goal
broken down into
becomes a plan.
A plan backed by
makes your dreams
come true.”
Greg S. Reid

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