Everyday Life

By Julez


Today started with a migraine, but a Zapain tablet made light work of that! 

A normal over-to-the-Folks Monday. There was plenty to be sorted over there - appointments made and altered, bins emptied, tidying, etc., etc. My Dad was in a bit of a flap as the taxi driver who was booked to take him to a hospital appointment today cancelled as he'd been called up for a random inspection of his taxi by the council.

My Dad decided to drive himself and park on the road near the hospital rather than jump through all the hoops that are put before any disabled people using the car-park these days. He should be OK to do that - one of his bowls mates does it regularly!

Once I was home I had time for a quick coffee before heading off to Tesco. Half way there I realised I should have taken my camera as I still needed a Blip, but too late to turn back then.

Since I got home I tried to get shots of the cat - no luck. Jae was even more uncooperative. So I gave up and took some photos of some cookies I baked yesterday. I took half over to the Grandsons and kept some here - fortunately! They have mini eggs on/in!

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