Everyday Life

By Julez

Ginger Feline

I have stayed at home and done a few domestic things today, like tidying up and making some healthy flapjacks. I did go out to the shop and Post Office though, and on the way I met this lovely ginger moggy who lives round the corner. Last time I saw him he was basking in the sun and did not want attention at all. 

Today however, he ran to meet me, miaowing at the top of his lungs and kept weaving around my legs. I chatted with him and made a good fuss of him. He followed me a little way to the shop but he's a mature and sensible outdoor cat, and doesn't stray too far from his home. I took a couple of photos of him and his lovely ginger fur and green eyes.

Once home I finally got the first episode of The Victim watched - very dramatic! And I think Minstrel realised I'd been dallying with another cat, as he laid on my lap the whole time I watched the programme!

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