Visiting time

I was up at 7, as Jon was packing up for his early start to camp. The scouts and explorers were due to arrive at 10, so Jon and Henry needed to head off early. I did a few jobs, then left for Hoddesdon at about 9.20 arriving at 12.

Manda came over at 2.30 and we drove over to Harlow. Dad is definitely much better than he has been. He is managing to eat most of his meals, and is drinking. Both a massive improvement, but is still unsteady and weak. The Dr, however, said he can be discharged and wanted it to happen today. He still has a catheter, so no suggestion of how or who will deal with that! Mum was not happy and has told them he needs care in place at home. We think they are moving it to Tuesday. We hope 3 more days of rest will help him get stronger, but it was nice to see him smiling, joking a bit and drinking. All positives, and as a world away from where he was 2 days ago. Yet he hasn't had 2 good days in a row yet, so we want to see improvement everyday, to be sure he is ready to come home.

We came home for some soup and mum and I went back at 6.30 to hear he'd had another good meal and was now feeling hot (He's been freezing for the last 2 weeks, with heating on top whack and a hot water bottle too).

We've just got in. Both had a gin and tonic and are now going to watch some tv. Got lots of jobs to do tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be up early anyway!

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