Had to get up early this morning as I was expecting a parcel delivery.  It came as arranged.  Then I re-checked my passport form and put everything in the envelope ready to post. 

Then I phoned the vets to get an appointment for Tino.  No appointments left today so he will be going tomorrow afternoon.  He's been rather off colour over the Easter weekend - not eating much and  if he has eaten he has often been sick straight afterwards.  And he hasn't been his usual boisterous self. So we will see what the vet says tomorrow. 

Once I knew that I wasn't going to the vets today I decided to walk to the village to go to the bank and building society.  Then I got the bus to Newcastle.  I had a voucher from John Lewis for a free cup of coffee and piece of cake.  The voucher expires soon so I thought today was a good day to use it,  Gives me plenty time to get back on the slimming plan before next Monday's weigh in.

It was quite late in the day when I got to John Lewis and there wasn't much choice left in the cake display.  But there was a slice of coffee and walnut cake which is my favourite so I was happy.  I had a nice cappuccino as well. 

Then I wandered through Eldon Square shopping centre and popped into Next where I got a nice summer top.  Then to Tesco for fruit.  Then home.

Weather was bright enough today but rather chilly.  I made the wrong choice and only wore a cardigan to go out in when I really should have worn a thick jacket.  Hard to get it right when the weather is changeable.

Steps today - 11,642

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