A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

A different Bluebell!

The advantage of a heavy downpour is that it fills your birdbath so that your cat (Bluebell) can drink out of it (not that she doesn’t have a full dish of water in the house of course!)

One disadvantage is that when your village trees are full of blossom the petals get knocked off and it’s not a good idea to park under them (extra).

Walked with a depleted group of ladies this morning, people away, and managed to only get a few spots of rain before the heavy shower arrived. It’s been quite pleasant between showers but the rain has come down with  a vengeance when they have arrived.
Saw where the Little Owls are this morning, couldn’t see them without looking through the camera lens zoomed in. Too far away to warrant a photo but great to see.
A good job they aren’t obvious or closer, I think, as they will hopefully have a better chance of not being disturbed in their nesting.

Thank you all for the love for the Rannadale bluebells yesterday. Thank you again to Trevor (trevorearthy) for showing them to us all on blip as well as taking us yesterday.
If you want to see more look here

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