Let Sleeping Amigos Lie...!

The Amigos were so exhausted after all the hiking and excitement of the last few days that they fell asleep on the bus from Ripon to Leeds. Fortunately we were sitting by the laptop table at the back of the bus, so they snuggled up together for 40 winks.

By the time we got on the train from Leeds to Newcastle, however, they'd woken up properly and were very keen to look out of the window. They weren't quite tall enough to stand up to look by themselves, so they asked me to hold them up as you can see in the extra.

They're getting excited about tomorrow, when they're going to start their journey to Ninjashoe in Cambridgeshire. They asked if I was going to take them on the train, and were a bit upset when I told them that wasn't possible, and that they'd have to travel in a box in the post. However they remembered that they've done that several times before, and it wasn't too bad. They were a bit worried that they'd be going by aeroplane, as they've had problems with earache on previous flights - but I reassured them that the Royal Mail service would take them by road so that was OK.

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