Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I haven't blipped G for a while, and the two of us haven't been to Ladies Night for a while, so I reckoned tonight would be good. It is also the last chance before Ramadan.

Another reason to celebrate was the fact that I had a breakthrough with the mandatory health insurance that every resident with a Dubai visa is required to have. For the last two years, we have paid the equivalent of £1000 for "basic" cover which effectively meant we couldn't ever use it let alone make a claim. Accidents/emergencies were covered. So, the insurance company have had a nice bit of money in their pockets.

I thought I'd left it too late, but another company came through. They charge less for their bare minimum policy and don't add a massive surcharge based on your age. Result! A saving of nearly £700 per year! It surely called for a celebration; hence Ladies Night!

The Warehouse though is undergoing some fundamental changes. I didn't recognise any of the waiting staff. All the old staff have left and the new ones need a mega dose of training. The food was fine but you could see the chaos with tables being waited on by several different people etc.

I was too full and tired to contemplate a blip when I got home!

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