Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Went to Gateshead this afternoon.  When I got off the bus at the Transport Interchange  I took my blip shot. This sculpture is called " Opening Line " and is 90 metres long.  It is  a sequence of forms in steel and glass which allude to the region’s engineering and maritime heritage, the performing arts, mythology and the energies of natural growth and renewal.  Universal icons such as the head of a dreamer, all seeing eye, a bridge transfixed by a glass beam and the interlinked heads of two birds in flight are contained within the work. I'm sure I have bliipped it before but it just seemed a good fit for today's Wide Wednesday challenge where the theme is " Shapes".  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

I did some shopping in Iceland and Tesco.  I took another photo in Trinity Square which I almost used as my blip shot.  I have added it to my Extras.  Lots of shapes in this shot too.

The weather today was warm-ish but very dull.  There were a few spots of rain while I was out and about but nothing more.

My new passport arrived today. A relief to get it and realise that I had completed the form correctly.

Steps today - 5,506

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