No need to go out and vote today as I have a postal vote and I didn't need any shopping so I decided to stay at home and get on with a few chores - mainly ironing. 

I did quickly pop out into the back lane which runs through the allotments to get my blip shot.  There are lots of blip opportunities out there for the Derelict Sunday challenge.  Allotment users tend to " make do and mend" and use all sorts of old bits and pieces to construct the boundary and entrance to their own allotment.

The door I chose to blip is quite near my house.  Its fascinating to see all the different types of wood, paint colours, old fittings and the new lock which is in use today. Thanks to Marlieske for hosting.

I was expecting my Sainsburys grocery delivery between 9pm and 10pm.  I chose this slot as it was only 50p delivery charge.  The driver phoned me at 8pm to say he was in the area and could he come in 5 mins.  That was fine with me.  Everything I ordered was available with no substitutions.  A successful shop.

The weather today was dull and it looked although it might rain - but in the end it didn't.

Steps today - 4,533

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