This is a photo of an old photo which I have taken today.  My first - and last -  entry for Whensday.  Posting in support of  Cailleach.

My daughter Becky asked me to send her some photos of her when she was little so I fished a few out and took some shots with my phone to send to her.  One of them was this one which was taken on 3th March 1983 - she was around 4½ months old at the time. Love the slighty crazy look on her face. 

Morrisons as usual this morning.  Unpacked the shopping, had breakfast --- and fell asleep on the sofa. 

Decided to pop down to The Metrocentre this afternoon as I wanted to get a free coffee in Starbucks.  If you take your empty bag of Starbucks ground coffee to a branch you can claim a free large latte.  I chose to have mine made with Almond Milk - less syns than other types of milk.  I sat in Starbucks for quite a while - drinking my coffee, relaxing -  and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

I did a bit of shopping in Wilkinsons and TK Maxx.  I met a couple of my neighbours who were getting the same bus home as me so we had a nice catch up.  They are elderly ( and frail ) and haven't been in the best of health since Christmas.  Thankfully they are feeling better now.

I had trout with salad for my tea. Fresh fruit to follow.  Trying hard to stick to the Slimming World plan this week as I need good news on the scales next Monday.

Steps today - 9,386

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