A Fallen Blossom

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and accepted that my hard of hearingness is becoming too much of a problem to put up with any longer.
Over the years it has become worse and when I’m in a group of people whom I assume are talking normally, I see their lips moving but they seem to be whispering, and I only hear about one word in five.

I confess I got a hearing aid for one ear about 8 years ago but when it didn’t make enough difference it was relegated it to a drawer and has never seen the light of day until today when I unearthed it and found it wasn’t working any longer.
I took it up the the audiology department of ERI this afternoon and asked for a hearing test. The waiting list is 18 weeks, although I have been given an appointment for someone to look at my old malfunctioning one which may or may not allow me to avoid the queue.

On the way out I bumped into His Lordship’s army friend who was in the building for a dermatology appointment. I wonder what the chance of that meeting was given that 10seconds either way and we would never have seen each other.
Fate is an interesting concept.

The cherry blossom cannot last for more than one or two days more, so I don’t feel too guilty in posting my last blossom blip of 2019 and adding an extra too.

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