Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Tiny seed head

On the weekend we are going to Cambridge for one day to help Adam, who is moving into new accommodation for his next academic year. So today I went off and bought all the cleaning stuff he will need and I had to laugh, as I thought that is such a typical mum thing to do, a dad would probably take a case of beer yet I bring mops, a broom, bleach, cleaning products and cleaning cloths!!

We are also going to meet another breeder about a dog this weekend. At least this time the dog has been scanned and is confirmed pregnant, and the breeder seems very nice. 

I also had to go buy a birthday present for a friend and found myself at the garden centre getting a plant for him. Of course I felt like buying half the plants there for my garden but I resisted!

I though this tiny seed head falling off the dandelion was good for the Tiny Tuesday challenge!

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