By pensionspoet

Hospital visit

Last night Mum and Manda were at A & E until 1.30am with a very poorly dad. Eventually he was admitted to a ward. The doctors were very concerned at his condition, which was indicating a form of sepsis. I picked up the message early this morning, so Mollie and I headed down to Hoddesdon at 9. We arrived at 11.45 and Manda drove us all over to Harlow.

Dad is on a drip and has had antibiotics. They are monitoring him closely, and he is very tired, but was sitting up & eating a bit when we arrived. We were out of the normal visiting hours, but no one turned us away, and the others in the ward all seem very unwell. There are quite a lot of nurses and they seem more attentive than when he was in at Easter. We will go back tomorrow, and hope he continues to stay stable. The Dr doesn't come round until Monday so hopefully we will know more then.

At mum's, Mollie and I have done a bit of furniture moving, to make the house safer and easier to get around. Especially the stairs. It is so much easier tidying someone else's house.

We are home from the hospital now and about to have some dinner. A tiring day.

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