View To Edinburgh

I drew the short straw and was on the football taxi today.  BB was playing at Saughton Park in Edinburgh, so I decided to go for a run.  It was a glorious morning, blue sky and wall to wall sunshine, with a slight chill in the air, which made it almost perfect for running.  My run was based on routes I used to run when we lived in Edinburgh.  It was lovely to retrace old steps all the way to Stockbridge and then back along the Water of Leith.  I was stopped by tourists on two occasions.  The first time was when I was running down Ravelston Dykes and a couple of American tourists were looking for a  church – which luckily I was able to help them with.  The second time was less positive.  I was in Stockbridge, where I suddenly encountered lots of people.  I was very mindful of this and was paying attention, until I was flat on the pavement.  Yes dear reader another run, another fall.  This time I was tripped up by an elderly tourist who was on the road and in the split second I ran past her, she stepped back on top the pavement, backwards – without looking,  and tripped me up.  I’m amazed she didn’t tumble too.  Her family witnessed my demise and were very apologetic, but what could they do?  I dusted myself down and continued on my way – paying even more attention that I had been, so I was basically looking at the pavement for the rest of my run.  When I got back to the car, I checked my injuries.  Not nearly as bad as the last time.  The leg that had just healed up, is now swollen and grazed again, and the opposite elbow is now badly cut and very sore.  The clatter to the ground wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time, so hopefully I won’t suffer too much.  Running is becoming a dangerous business. 

I had planned to have a wander round the gardens at Saughton Park, but they were closed for health and safety reasons.  It was chilly out in the open by the football, so I found a sheltered bench and read my book for a  while, with the football still in sight.  They lost, BB wasn’t too happy as he didn’t get much of a game, so we headed home for lunch.  That made him happy!

Later in the afternoon we headed over to the coast at Aberlady and had a most lovely walk right round the coastline.  The tide was out the views were wonderful. It was then home via the supermarket, I then threw a quick curry together, sat in the garden for a wee while, while it cooked, then did a few chores.

I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow – it’s been a lovely weekend, apart from my tumble.

This is a view to Edinburgh.  You can even see the cranes at the St James redevelopment!  The extra shows a hare in hiding!

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