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Results of the Minimalism Community Challenge

Kudos to everyone who participated and who stretched their imagination to meet the challenge.  With almost 300 entries, you made me earn my keep! While I’m highlighting some entries, it’s worth looking at the entire collection of submissions
This was a very broad challenge topic but some themes quickly emerged in my review.
Isolating an element
 hookeggladybugropelemoncat,  branch, and the mystery of a cracked door.
tiny cownew growthsoftnessall around, lone kayaker, leading paths,  great use of negative space
Lines and patterns:
Corrugated doortilesshadows, and, a building’s belly button.
Upside downblack&white, the bendof tulips, forget-me-notfloral arrangement,dandelionseed, and even a dead weedcan be beautiful.
Reflections and silhouettes
Masts,sheep, a ghostshipgroupingreeds, and, an abstractrendition.
Shapes and colors
Rust, light-rimmed roofs,water fountain,coconut milkintriguing shape,splashesof color, a fleeting scenedrops.
These images stood out because of their compositional elements 
Three and OneThe Big ClimbPunch and JudyTeatime;DraftAbstract?;OnlookerThe Season Is Open;A Moment In Time;Floral Arrangement;Apres Le Deluge.
OK, as is my tradition now, below are my personal favorites: these images just made me stop and look – and look again :)
Peas and a fork
Dreamy rapeseed field
When a hint is enough
Mystery shapes
Angle, Poise
Cover photo: Rapeseed by Skeena
Results compiled by Michele (aka Alsacienne)

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