Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

The 3 Amigos are here!!

Ray was busy laying the floor in the kitchen today. I took Mum to Hexham General where she sees the community dentist. She has seen him for over 10 years now and he is always delightful. There were no significant changes in her teeth, which was good news.

We called at Waitrose, where I still forgot three items on the list (in my head). It's a good place to go with a wheelchair, because the aisles are wide.

When we returned home it was to find that the boys had arrived. We listened carefully and could here not a sound from inside the box. It took them some time to poke their heads out and look around. Perhaps they have been warned that this is usually a feline domain!

After a while, they explored and found the bowl of food, which they assumed was for them. As you can see, Trigger has already put his foot feet in it!

This evening I went for a quick walk through the village. Arth needed a stretch and I wanted to vote. The boys came with me in a camera bag. I explained that I could not take photos inside the polling station, but they were keen to show off their presence at an important British event. 

I allowed them to sit on the railings, but I was not quick enough to see that Trigger was going to take an enormous leap to the ground. See extras. The others hung on and there was some muttering about T's behaviour at the very beginning of their stay. They want to make a good impression!!

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