Still Rockin'

By RockArea


I've spent quite a bit of time doing research for a possible trip later in the year. I mentioned to my mate John, when we went out on Wednesday, that I'd like to go on a photographic trip to Iceland. A few emails passed between us over the next few days and we decided we'd be best off organising a trip ourselves.

Lots of decisions to make like do we want landscape or aurora? Both, obviously. Do we want lots of people in the way? I don't think so. Do we wan't to be frozen to death? Well I don't, I think John's better with cold weather. So, late in the year then but not too late. October/November seems like a good compromise. A fair bit of daylight and good for aurora if it doesn't rain too much. Should be a good trip but lots of discussion and planning to do first.

My blip is another clematis but for todays I decided to bring it indoors and photograph it against a white background. I've taken a little of the brightness off the white to save your eyes.

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