By Teasel


It was wet again – and I had the day off.  TT was at work and BB was at school.  BB was not keen to get out of his bed though.  Once he was off to school,. I contemplated a run.  I contemplated for a  while and the rain kind of went off, so I went out and had a lovely seven mile run.  The rain was never too heavy, so I wasn’t soaked.  Late morning it seemed to have gone off, so I risked hanging my washing out.  My next job was to tackle the ironing mountain, but it seemed brighter, so I decided to go over to the coast and went for a walk – knowing the ironing would still be there when I got home.

I had a really lovely walk from Gullane Beach along the coast to Yellowcraig – a section of the local coast which I have not walked before -  and then back to Gullane along the John Muir Way.  It was cloudy, but bright and I was worried it would rain, especially when I saw showers across the coast in Fife, but I was lucky, I stayed dry and as I walked back to Gullane, the sun even came out.

I came home and waited on BB returning from school as I knew he needed some provisions for a  school project.  Once he was home, we went to the supermarket and got what he needed, though to be honest he wasn’t 100% sure what he actually needed.  It was then home for cello practice for him and cooking for me.

Later I tackled the ironing mountain.

I spotted this chap as I walked through Archerfield Estate. The extras are a view across to Fife and more poppies near Dirleton.


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