Default Tree and Wide Wednesday Results.

Travelling back home after a variety of errands today - the near golden hour light on my default tree was just getting to the interesting stage.   Four portrait shots merged into a panorama which I seem to be doing quite a lot of recently.

On to Wide Wednesday which I have been hosting this week.

Favourites to:
Freyjad - spot on the theme and a good example of an indoor Wide Wednesday  (check out the extras too)
BobsBlips - much more recent history - and a sense of what has happened to some parts of southern Europe recently
rmeinz - a lovely misty estuary view

RockArea - toll house - perhaps to make a return?
Fiona Muddy Fox - thoughts of D-Day and freedoms hard won

Honourable Mentions to:
Isbi - architectural history in a young country
Fitzbilly - a great mono historical image
Jensphotos - a recent event soon to be history
NickyR - history in Guildford
ValC - OTT architecture in Leeds

Thanks to everyone who entered - the usual range of interpretations which make hosting a learning experience as well as a pleasure. 

For the next three weeks you have Freyjad hosting, themes and tags in the challenges section of the site. 
Next week - a tree or trees and widwed120619

Thanks to you for putting up with me over the past two weeks :-)

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