View on a Dull Day

What a miserable day – it was back to winter, though probably not quite as cold.  It was wet, grey and foggy.  The kind of day that you don’t mind being at work.  Work was non-stop for me, as I am out of the office all day tomorrow and had stuff to put in place, for others  to pick up – if they can – before I am back in the office on Monday.  Just to add to my list of things, a double whammy appeared in my in box mid-afternoon.  Two more things to be covered before Monday.  I had a good go at one of them and have pulled what I think is a reasonable draft together, which can be completed and tidied on Monday.  The other will be a shared endeavour,  I made a start and passed it on to a colleague, suggesting that he adds a bit and passes it on to someone else.  By the time it has been round a few people, and they made additions and tweaks, we might end up with what we need – though we might not!!

I got home a little later than I planned.  BB had been at rugby and was starving.  Once he was fed, I risked going out for a run, and thankfully managed to stay dry.  I then ate late and went to bed.

Here is a view from my walk over Calton Hill at lunchtime.

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