By AmandaT2013

Crash, bang, wallop!

This morning we got the bus to The Mall for a few odds and ends.  As we were changing buses we just needed to go a little bit quicker to catch the second one, but then disaster struck.  Mr T had forgotten his stick this morning and his leg gave way and he did a full face plant on the pavement. 

Naturally he was pretty stunned and blood was pouring from his nose.  While he was getting his bearings a lady stopped and wound down the window to ask if we needed help.  We weren't sure what she would be able to do but she was going to take us to Southmead Hospital.  Then two fire men stopped (they were on their way to a training course) and two police who had been travelling in the opposite direction.  

It was cold and raining and the lady was cross no one had stopped before her, and she set off, but I did at least get chance to thank her.  The firemen helped Mr T up and then the police helped him into the police car as they said we would be waiting too long in the cold and wet for an ambulance so they took us to A&E.

At the triage they decided as his nose was still bleeding and his chest hurt from the landing it was better to be safe than sorry (he was training a student).  When they took us through to a cubicle in majors and took his jacket off there were two large skin tears on his arm, and he said to his student, we made the right decision.

Once again ever one was very good.  Nothing broken, maybe a fracture in the nose which is now very bruised, and he is a bit tender and told me the button on his trousers broke in the impact, and his nice waterproof is torn.  I told him that is nothing to worry about.

It triggered the fall feature on his watch, and it was only in the police car we realised it was going.  It was why we bought the watch, but like all things you can never test to see if they will work.  It did its job and called 999.  The policeman thought it was someone odd me talking to a watch!  Always good to know it works.

We did manage to get some things done on the way home, including Apple to find out how to stop the SOS alerts!  They had never known it happen before, so in the nicest way there was a lot of curiosity, and they had to do a lot of digging to find out how to stop the alerts.

Here he is smiling after he was cleaned up.  He is, in my humble (and biased) opinion amazing.

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