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In memory of Lesley Cadwgan

David and Lesley were stalwarts of the walking group when I joined. It was David who suggested I come along on Wednesdays after my first Walking Festival. The rest, as they say, is history.

Lesley died suddenly a few months ago. She and David had been together for 55 years (from when she was 17 and he was 18). Lesley worked as a paediatric physio and was totally committed to the NHS. She also did a lot with guides and with helped children with physical handicaps.

Today's ceremony was to celebrate the last 15 years when she worked as a volunteer at Haltwhistle War Memorial Hospital, particularly the reminiscence work she pioneered there. She was also a "meeter and greeter" at Hexham General.

A snowflake tree was planted in the garden of the hospital in Haltwhistle. There was a good turn out of friends. Here you see David and his son Alan standing beside the tree. The brilliant sunshine was delightful but made photography almost impossible!

We had more eulogies and then tea and scones and cake, etc inside.

I was pleased for David that there were so many people there. It's a very hard time for him, of course, but great to have this acknowledgement of Lesley.

My favourite memory is going to stay with them on the remote island of Scarp, off Harris. Lesley was in her element there. She loved the place and I think it was her favourite place to be in the whole of the world (provided David was there too).

The decorator from the insurers started on Mum's bedroom today. The pink walls are very pretty. I think I can see a time when the work is completed (perhaps mid July).

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