Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Humber Lane

We're very fortunate to have lots of lovely trees nearby and I have a few favourites that frequently grace my portfolio. It's Wideangle Wednesday, hosted this week by Freyjad while BobsBlips is away. The theme this week is Tree or Trees and I decided to take something different to my usual favourites. I went out the other side of the village and walked along Humber Lane. 

It's been a much better day today. I started off by shifting more of that collossal pile of compost that's in the drive. It's looking smaller now but more to do and further to take it as the dumping places fill up. 

It was great that when I went out it looked fairly bright and I actually saw shadows for the first time in a little while. My main blip has some nice light on the hillside in the background and those who follow my journal closely will notice the very distinctive trees on the ridge that I often blip. The main tree is a misshapen old oak standing in the hedgerow. I've added another tree from a little further down the lane which has the lovely blue sky which made an appearance.

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