By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Trees (?)

I'm not sure whether this fisheye photo can really qualify for today's Widwed theme of "tree/trees" but I'll tag it anyway as it contains a lot of wood which of course comes from trees; I don't mind if our host Freyjad rejects it however. (The weather has been so wet today that I decided not to go on a bliphunt outside!)

Regular followers of my blips will know that we're considering whether to have our almost-120-year-old roof replaced (we're still waiting for another quote to come in). Today I ventured up into the loft space for 2 reasons:

1) To check the condition of the roof from inside
2) To remind myself how much junk I have stored up there which I'd need to remove (at least temporarily) during the work if we do decide to go ahead.

From inside the roof looks remarkably good. The timbers are in perfect condition (they used good quality seasoned wood back in 1904) and there's no sign of leaks although a lot of the mortar has fallen away from the slates and laths. That made us question the need for re-roofing although the photos which the roofers have shown us of the outside do tend to suggest that it would be a wise investment (there's no way I'm going up a high ladder to look directly).

Happily I didn't find too much junk up there so removing it (at least temporarily) won't be too much of a problem. My Editor was pleased to hear that there is less stuff up there than she feared! I do however have a stash of several demijohns dating from my (mainly unsuccessful) attempts at wine-making many years ago - any ideas what to do with them? Maybe I should try to sell them on eBay.

(Oh, when my Editor saw the photo she asked "what's that curly thing there?". In case you don't know either it's an FM radio aerial, dating from the days when we used an FM tuner to listen to the radio - the cable goes all the way down through the attic and the first floor to the lounge on the ground floor. In the internet age of streaming radio it's redundant - and our tuner went on the blink after years of service anyway. The raised-up water tank is the header for our central heating system.)

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