We decided to have a day out today, so went off quite early this morning.  We are both quite indecisive when it comes to where we should go, but as we hadn’t been to Stow-on-the-Wold for sometime, I thought it might be rather good to go that way and Mr. HCB, who is even worse at making decisions that I am, thought that was a good idea.

We went through some quite heavy rain storms on the way, but arrived there and found a parking spot right outside a little coffee shop, where we just had a coffee, and weren’t tempted to have a cake as well, despite it only being a little more in price.

A couple came in with a little dog that they told us was a cross between a Jack Russell and a Border Collie Terrier (thanks to EuniceM for that info!) - we guessed it wasn’t a pure Jack Russell, as it didn’t keep barking - and the owners told us that Ruby hardly ever barked and if she did, then she surprised herself!

They were having scones with jam and cream (which did look good, as they were obviously home-made) and little Ruby sat expectantly looking at her mistress and begging for just a crumb - which she was given.

I thought I would take a photograph so that if we didn’t see any dereliction, then I could use it for today, and what a good job I did - we saw no derelict buildings or tractors at all - obviously those who live in this part of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire keep their property in good order.  So here is Ruby - not looking in the slightest bit derelict.

We have had a lovely day, and even treated ourselves to lunch in a local pub, so I don’t need to cook this evening.  Just visited my mother in hospital - I bought her a couple of M & S cakes, to supplement the hospital food - good job I did - but I will say no more!  She is in good spirits, but is waiting to be told when she can go home and hopes it will be very soon. 

Just after we had had our lunch, there was a heavy storm, and it was quite a walk back to the car park, but we didn’t get too wet.  I noticed there were a lot of Morgan cars in the car park, not something one sees regularly, so have put a collage of various shots in as an extra.  Wonder if you can spot the odd one out?

The coffee shop had quotes painted on all the walls, which the owner said she collects regularly so here are a couple to ponder:

“How is it that children can never find their shoes,
     but can always find a small piece of onion in their dinner?”

“A paper cut is a tree’s last act of revenge.”

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