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By walkingMarj

Sometimes it is the detail that counts

These flower buds are tiny. They are on an ornamental bramble growing on our north facing wall. It is a blaze of yellow leaves at the moment. In the winter, the stems are white and very striking, although the vicious thorns keep gardeners at bay!

Lesley finished Mum's lounge today. There is just the gloss to dry now. She has done a brililant job.Tom, the decorator from the insurer, came to redo some of the painting in Mum's bedroom and he was given the job of fixing the beading in her fitted wardrobe. Communications are not great from the insurance end. I expected the man who is managing the work to come today - he told Tom he wasn't coming, but did not tell me.

Elaine came with two friends to take away the fridge freezer. Hooray!

Sara cleaned and Heather came to see Mum. She brought wonderful flowers and cakes. Mmm. She also took a box of things for the charity shop and a pile of vinyl 33rpms too.

I was busy all morning with paperwork that has been neglected. There were things to sign and phone calls to be made.

I drove to Hexham this afternoon. I saw a hiker sitting at the bus stop at Brunton Turret so I stopped and gave her a lift to Hexham. She was walking Hadrian's Wall Trail. We had a good chat. Since I was going to the tip, I invited her to come too - it's on the way into Hexham. She volunteered to help me move the carpet roll in the boot.

When we arrived the tip was temporarily closed while a skip was moved. It was going to take 15 minutes, so I opted out and will return there tomorrow. I don't suppose many walkers have the excitement of being taken to the council tip on their journeys!

Tonight I fitted Chromecast for Margret next door, so she will be able to see her favourite programmes on the TV screen. I also set up Google photos so she can see her images on the screen.

Time for bed!

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