An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Love is in the air...

We were up and out sharp this morning as D and I both had appointments at the opticians.  

We were both getting vision and eye health checks, starting with a peripheral vision test.  It necessitates the wearing of an eye patch over one eye whilst the other is checked and I was tempted to take a selfie as my blip as I am sure that would have given Blip Land a bit of a hoot, but I resisted.  

I passed that particular test with flying colours but David was a bit trigger happy with the button so he's to go back and repeat it when he collects his lenses.  Thankfully the rest of the vision and health checks were fine for both of us.

After the opticians we headed to a local cafe for lunch.  It's a few months since we'd been there and we were astonished to discover it's had quite a glamorous makeover.  It only opens during the day to my eye, the makeover has upgraded it from cafe to restaurant status, so I assume they have an eye on evening opening at some point in the future.

The waitress said the manager had hoped the refurb would make the cafe more family friendly.  I'd say it's done the opposite, as before it was a very nice contemporary cafe, wooden floors, some slouchy sofas as well as proper tables, contemporary art on the walls.  Now it's all plush carpets and very chunky chairs covered in nice fabric.  There's no way I'd take a wet buggy with muddy wheels in there, or a young child who'd be liable to mash food into the seats and drop it on the floor.  In fact there was a gran at the table next to us with her granddaughter who was about two years old, who dropped her yogurt and then her biscuit on the floor.  The poor woman was very stressed and couldn't get out the place fast enough. It was a popular and busy cafe before the refurb and it was very busy today, so that's good, it just has a very different vibe.

Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon using watercolours and ink to make two cards.  Firstly an engagement card for Alan's team member Ashleigh who recently got engaged (an amazing proposal that involved a helicopter and much secrecy on all our parts.  Boy was I glad then the question was finally popped! :-) and a Father's Day card for John who we are seeing tomorrow for a belated Father's Day celebration.  The engagement card is my blip and John's card is in extras.  

And after all the excitement of today (?) David and I both nodded off in front of the tv and now here I am blipping with only minutes of the day left!

Must try harder!

Longest day tomorrow...already!  The nights will be drawing in with little to no summer being had!

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