Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Worth The Trouble

As often happens, I didn't do a very good job of sticking the orange onto the top of the Shepherd's hook.  After the mean old thrasher got its share, the fruit flipped backwards making the birds work quite hard for their sweet treat.  This is a series of a female Hooded oriole (L to R, L to R) showing her determination.  Her success can be noted in the final shot: a piece of orange stuck firmly on her tongue.

I'm still getting around to looking at all of the MM photographs.  I think I've gone through about half.  Sorry I can't make comments on each journal; however, let me know after a few hours (it's 8 pm here: UTC -8) if you haven't received a star.

Foul fowl groaners:

Q: How did the bubble gum cross the road?
A: On the bottom of the chicken’s foot!
Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide!
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in mud, then cross the road again?
A: He was a dirty double crosser!
Q: How do chickens get strong?
A: Egg-cersize.
Q: Why did the chicken cross the clothing store?
A: To get to the other size!

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