Walking Ont' Moors

Mr K and I had the terrible realisation last night that we had no idea where Miss L was. She went home with her friend from school and the mum, Mrs F, kindly offered to bring her home this afternoon as Mr K is without a vehicle apart from Marshall.
I know it's a house near Ikea but that doesn't really narrow it down! I have  Mrs F's phone number and obviously we knew she's safe but it was a weird feeling not knowing where she is!!!! Perhaps we'll take an address next time!!
I got up at the crack of dawn and drove up to Leeds this morning. I was on the road by 6.30am. So easy when you don't have a husband and children to deal with!!
I got here just before 9am and it was so lovely to see Mrs G again. It's been ages. We had a few cups of tea, some muesli and yoghurt, and an hour or so chatting before heading out for a fabulous walk on the moors.
We picked up Mrs G's friend on the way and then drove through Bradford and on to Haworth. I drove because Mrs G hates driving through Bradford!!
My mum and dad go to Haworth every year for the 1940's Weekend and they've always said how beautiful it is. It is one of the prettiest villages I've ever been to!
We parked in the station of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (love a heritage railway!!) and then walked up and through the village and out across the moors along the Brontë Way to the Brontë Waterfall, then up a bit more to where the path met the Pennine Way. 
Annoyingly my groin, which hasn't given me any trouble for ages, started really hurting as we climbed a steep bit just by the Brontë Waterfall. It got worse and worse until I could hardly move.
I had been a bit alarmed when I saw Top Withings up in the distance when we stopped to have lunch, it was at the top of a very steep hill and I thought we had to get up to it.  Luckily our route didn't got that way!!
Apparently it's the inspiration for Wuthering Heights which I love so I would have loved to have gone up to see it but I was proper hobbling by now. 
We were so lucky with the weather - we were high up on the moors and could see for miles in all directions and there were loads of showers around but they all missed us. We had glorious sunshine apart from literally a few raindrops, Perfect!!
I hobbled my way back down to Haworth past more beautiful scenery and enjoying more spectacular views. We had a well deserved drink at the pub right next to the Parsonage. I threw all caution to the wind and had a pint of bitter shandy. Delicious!!
Then it was back down to the car and back to Batley.
Mrs G cooked delicious Thai beef for dinner. I'm always treated to sensationally good Asian food when I visit. Best garlic and ginger rice ever!!
And ale!!!
Mr K messaged me not long after I got here to say that Mrs F had brought Miss L home early as Miss E was poorly - sore throat and a high temperature. Poor Miss L was so disappointed, she'd been looking forward to a whole day with her friend before coming home.
Mrs G and I watched a random documentary about royal fashion. I could hardly keep my eyes open and was happy to collapse into my bed by 10pm!
Almost 9 miles walked today!

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