By Ridgeback13


Managed to do a few key things before the first graduation this morning, then a lunch, then another ceremony. Lunch with the honorary took me straight back to the old days here, and the self description of 'in turn impulsive and pedantic' later in the speech was spot on...!
I'm in a bad mood today....just very fed up. Mainly the (lack of) building progress, but it's really getting to me as the uncertainty means I feel completely blocked in terms of making even the simplest of decisions (is it worth ordering more bin bags for this bin when I won't have it in the new kitchen?) but also in terms of forward planning and feeling like I know what's happening over the next few weeks and months. 
Not happy with how it's all being handled. Over to the kitchen designer after work (in the rain-grr again!) not that pleased with them either. I probably just need a holiday!
Chatted it over with A when I got home, then watched some tennis and tried to cheer up. Young Coco is playing spectacularly. - her mood must be the polar opposite of mine!

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