Wide Wednesday: Rich/Plenty

This is probably a "Marmite" photo - love it or hate it - so please feel free to say you don't like it! I had fun doing it anyway.

Once more I'm indebted to my Editor for the original suggestion. I was a bit stuck on the "rich/plenty" theme set for this week's Widwed challenge by Bobsblips. But we certainly have plenty of Loosestrife in one of the borders in the garden, and it has a rich, golden colour, so she suggested that I photograph that.

You need to blame me, though, for the abuse to which I subjected the photo to try to make it more interesting. It's the first time I've used my Helios lens for a distant shot, having previously only done close-ups with it. I found that I had to fiddle with the aperture to get the sort of effect I wanted, using a small aperture to get reasonable focus and a wider aperture to get the peripheral swirling effect, so I took 2 shots then merged them in Photoshop.

It looks best viewed large, against black.

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