Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Here's to Ewe!

We did a short walk out of The Wye Valley Ramblers book, that was around Orcop, Herefordshire. We climbed over a stile into a field and these sheep hardly moved, with the one appearing to whisper into the ear of the other - possibly saying "Smile, he's going to take our photo!"

We got home for an hour to freshen up and enjoy a cuppa before visiting my mum in hospital this evening. She seems to be keeping her food down and with luck could possibly be released tomorrow.

Wide Wednesday Challenge Results

This weeks theme was Rich/Plenty and you blippers didn't disappoint with takes on the theme. I've chosen ten but this week haven't ranked them.....ALL will  receive hearts asap.

GrahamColling                         Patshull Hall  (aerial)
RockArea                                   Plenty of Barley
JensPhotos                               Newiesands (Aerial) Rich Persons Area!
Franni                                         Plenty of ice cream!
Annie&Chris                              Marsworth Reservoir - Plenty of water!
Andrew44                                  Waddesdon Manor
Richardg                                    Plenty of Space
Marlieske                                   Rich Soil
Stevvi                                          Range Rover
DollyDoug                                  Bog Rolls (PLENTY!!!) - love this one

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